Religious Pluralism in Healthcare: online workshop, 18-18 July 2021

Religious Pluralism in Healthcare: online workshop, 18-18 July 2021

Online workshop: 16 July to 18 July 2021

To register: There are a limited number of places available for this workshop. Please complete this form to register your interest in attending. There are no costs associated with attending this online workshop.

Monash Bioethics Centre, in conjunction with the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Oxford University, the University of Melbourne, and the Charles Sturt University Practical and Public Ethics Research (PAPER) Group, will be hosting an online workshop on ‘Religious Pluralism in Healthcare’ from Friday 16 July to Sunday 18 July 2021 (inclusive).

This workshop is part of the Australian Research Council Discovery Project (DP190101597) on ‘Religion, pluralism, and healthcare practice: a philosophical assessment’. This project aims to develop a systematic approach to accommodating religious values and practices in healthcare. Current approaches are often ad hoc and discriminatory, and many countries are becoming more religiously diverse, so a systematic approach to this is needed.

The workshop will discuss draft papers by:

  • Roger Crisp (University of Oxford);
  • Joshua Hordern (University of Oxford);
  • Robert Audi (University of Notre Dame) and William R. Smith (University of Pennsylvania);
  • Steve Clarke (Charles Sturt University);
  • Mehrunisha Suleman (Centre of Islamic Studies, University of Cambridge);
  • Lauren Notini (Monash University and University of Melbourne) and Justin Oakley (Monash University).

Commentators on these draft papers will be from the DP19 project team (Justin Oakley (Monash University); Steve Clarke (Charles Sturt University); Tony Coady (University of Melbourne); Julian Savulescu (University of Melbourne; University of Oxford); Dominic Wilkinson (University of Oxford); and Lauren Notini (Monash University and University of Melbourne)) and/or paper authors.

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Flyer for workshop with details of time and workshops

The workshop will be held online in three 2-hour sessions over the following three days:
Friday 16 July, Saturday 17 July and Sunday 18 July 2021.

Workshop sessions will be held during the following two-hour time windows, on each day of the workshop:

  • 12pm-2pm Oxford, UK time
  • 9pm-11pm Melbourne, Australian EST
  • 7am-9am Eastern Indiana/upstate New York, time

Structure of workshop sessions
Each workshop session will begin with the assigned commentator providing a short (five minute) summary of the paper assigned to them. The commentator will then give a 15-minute commentary of the paper, and this will be followed by a 40-minute interactive discussion where the author(s) of the paper can elaborate on their paper and answer questions.

Read the schedule and paper abstracts

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