Issue 20(3)

Issue 20(3)

Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, Volume 20, Issue 3

Free Access Editorial: Ethics, Politics, and Minorities

Michael A. Ashby

Open Access Critical Perspectives: Supporting One Health for Pandemic Prevention: The Need for Ethical Innovation

Elena R. Diller & Laura Williamson

Critical Perspectives: The Impairment Argument and Future-Like-Ours: A Problematic Dependence

Christopher Bobier

Open Access Critical Perspectives: Abortion, Brain Death, and Coercion

Michael Nair-Collins

Open Access Critical Perspectives: Uterus Transplantation as a Surgical Innovation

Alicia Pérez-Blanco, José-Antonio Seoane, Teresa Aldabo Pallás, Montserrat Nieto-Moro, Rocío Núñez Calonge, Alfonso de la Fuente & Dominique E. Martin

Open Access Original Research: Developing Organizational Diversity Statements Through Dialogical Clinical Ethics Support: The Role of the Clinical Ethicist

Charlotte Kröger, Albert C. Molewijk, Suzanne Metselaar

Original Research: What You’re Rejecting When You’re Expecting

Blake Hereth

Open Access Original Research: Patients’ Values and Desire for Autonomy: An Empirical Study from Poland

Agnieszka Olchowska-Kotala, Agata Strządała & Jarosław Barański

Open Access Original Research: A Revised Approach to Advance Personal Planning: The Role of Theory in Achieving “The Good Result”

Briony Johnston

Original Research: Inclination of Nursing Students Towards Ethical Values and The Effects of Ethical Values on Their Care Behaviours

Duygu Bayraktar, Arzu Karabağ Aydın, Tunç Eliş & Kader Öztürk

Open Access Original Research: Epistemic Injustice and Nonmaleficence

Yoann Della Croce

Original Research: Declining to Provide or Continue Requested Life-Sustaining Treatment: Experience With a Hospital Resolving Conflict Policy

Emily B. Rubin, Ellen M. Robinson, M. Cornelia Cremens, Thomas H. McCoy & Andrew M. Courtwright

Open Access Original Research: Institutional Objection to Voluntary Assisted Dying in Victoria, Australia: An Analysis of Publicly Available Policies

Eliana Close, Lindy Willmott, Louise Keogh & Ben P. White

Original Research: Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy: An Islamic Perspective

Abdul Halim Ibrahim, Noor Naemah Abdul Rahman & Shaikh Mohd Saifuddeen

Original Research: The Most Essential Moral Virtues Enhance Happiness

Vojin Rakić

Open Access Original Research: Everyday Resistance in the U.K.’s National Health Service

Ryan Essex, Jess Dillard-Wright, Guy Aitchison & Hil Aked

Open Access Original Research: Principles for Just Prioritization of Expensive Biological Therapies in the Danish Healthcare System

Tara Bladt, Thomas Vorup-Jensen & Mette Ebbesen

Original Research: An Exploratory Study of Physical Therapists From High-Income Countries Practising Outside of Their Scope in Low and Middle-Income Countries

Jeff Hartman & Kripa Dholakia

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