Issue 20(1)

Issue 20(1)

Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, Volume 20, Issue 1

Free Access Editorial: “The Danger of Words”: Language Games in Bioethics

Michael A. Ashby

Free Access Editorial: Dogs, Epistemic Indefensibility and Ethical Denial: Don’t Let Sleeping Dog Owners Lie

David Shaw

Open Access Recent Developments: Voluntary Assisted Dying in Australia—Key Similarities and Points of Difference Concerning Eligibility Criteria in the Individual State Legislation

Michaela Estelle Okninski

Free Access Letter to the Editor: Maintaining Basic Social Ethics: Economic Man or Social Man?

Bingyuan Chen, Laitan Fang, Ronghui Liu

Free Access Letters to the Editor: The Impossible Triangle Model of Pandemic Prevention and Control

Bingyuan Chen, Laitan Fang, Ronghui Liu

Open Access Critical Perspective: The Ethical Significance of Post-Vaccination COVID-19 Transmission Dynamics

Steven R. Kraaijeveld

Free2Read Critical Perspective: Research into Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy for Anorexia Nervosa Should be Funded

Lauren Otterman

Critical Perspective: Expanded Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT): Can the Child’s Right to an Open Future Help Set the Scope?

Zoë Claesen, Neeltje Crombag, Lidewij Henneman, Joris Robert Vermeesch & Pascal Borry

Open Access Original Research: Overcoming Conflicting Definitions of “Euthanasia,” and of “Assisted Suicide,” Through a Value-Neutral Taxonomy of “End-Of-Life Practices”

Thomas D. Riisfeldt

Open Access Original Research: Ethical Diversity and Practical Uncertainty: A Qualitative Interview Study of Clinicians’ Experiences in the Implementation Period Prior to Voluntary Assisted Dying Becoming Available in their Hospital in Victoria, Australia

Rosalind McDougall, Bridget Pratt, Marcus Sellars

Original Research: Counselling, Research Gaps, and Ethical Considerations Surrounding Pregnancy in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients

Deirdre Sawinski, Steven J. Ralston, Lisa Coscia, Christina L. Klein, Eileen Y. Wang, Paige Porret, Kathleen O’Neill & Ana S. Iltis

Original Research: Should Cash Subsidy Be Offered to Family Caregivers for the Elderly? The Case of Hong Kong

Ruiping Fan, Lawrence Y. Y. Yung

Open Access Original Research: A Millian Case for Censoring Vaccine Misinformation

Ben Saunders

Open Access Original Research: COVID-19 Health Passes: Practical and Ethical Issues

Gustavo Ortiz-Millán

Open Access Original Research: The Morality of Kidney Sales: When Caring for the Seller’s Dignity Has Moral Costs

Alexander Reese, Ingo Pies

Book Review: Donor Conception, Genetic Knowledge, and Bionormativity: A Book Review of Daniel Groll’s Conceiving People

Amanda Roth

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