Health Law PhD Scholarships (2), Queensland

Health Law PhD Scholarships (2), Queensland

Voluntary Assisted Dying: Optimal Regulation

Closing date: October 1, 2020.

These two PhD Scholarships are part of an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship project “Enhancing End-of-Life Decision-Making: Optimal Regulation of Voluntary Assisted Dying”. The project will explore the regulation of voluntary assisted dying as a new and important aspect of end-of-life decision-making and propose a novel optimal regulatory framework for Australia. The project includes comparative case studies of regulation in Canada and Belgium (where voluntary assisted dying has been lawful for longer periods). It is intended that the PhD candidates would work primarily on these international case studies but there will also be exposure to the wider project. More information about the study and research team are available on the project website

You will receive a living allowance for three years, indexed annually ($28,092 in 2020). The scholarship is tax exempt for full-time students and can be used to support living costs. Contact Professor Ben White ( to discuss your application prior to submission.

Find more information about the scholarships on the QUT website.

Image: Satendra Mhatre / FreeImages