Fellowship (Bioethics), Cleveland

Fellowship (Bioethics), Cleveland

Closing date: 1 November 2021

The Cleveland Fellowship in Advanced Bioethics (CFAB) is a two-year, full-time program designed to prepare graduates to become leaders in Bioethics in health care settings, academic institutions, and professional or government agencies.

The fellowship’s 10-year history makes it one of the most established continuous clinical ethics training programs in the US. Having trained more than 20 bioethicists, former fellows can be found leading programs across the country, contributing to bioethics literature and innovating the field. This two-year fellowship draws on the robust Cleveland bioethics community and major medical centers, encompassing comprehensive clinical ethics consultation experience, focused scholarly activities in fellows’ respective areas of interest, providing ethics education, participating in organizational service activities including ethics committee service, and the development of leadership and professionalism skills including ethics program development. Completion of program requirements will prepare fellows for careers primarily in the clinical setting as independent ethics consultants, but also in academic environments.

Applications will be considered from professionals with terminal post-graduate degrees (MD, JD, PhD) in medicine, philosophy, nursing, social work, religious studies, law, or other fields related to the practice of clinical and academic bioethics. Priority will be given to applicants with strong potential for leadership in the field and who will most benefit from the rich clinical environment this program offers. Completed applications must be submitted by November 1st and the starting date for the fellowship is July 1 of each year. Application guidelines are found near the bottom of this page.


Program Description

The CFAB program is designed to train the next generation of highly skilled bioethicists whose expertise is well-grounded in the clinical environment. This full-time two-year program ensures a strong foundation in clinical, scholarly and institutional components of the bioethics profession while advancing fellows’ individual interests and career goals. Requirements for graduation from the program include completion of the CFAB curriculum, ethics consultation training, an empirical or conceptual research contribution, and involvement in a community engagement initiative. In conjunction with an advisor, each fellow develops a two-year program plan encompassing core elements and additional activities that will support the fellow’s individual career goals. CFAB offers faculty expertise and the resources of multiple health care organizations in Cleveland to support each fellow’s ability to contribute to the field of Bioethics.

Components of the CFAB Fellowship

Core Components:

  • Engaging in advanced study of key issues in Bioethics
  • Observing and conducting clinical ethics consultation over the two years of fellowship
  • Participating in departmental bioethics activities at affiliated institutions
  • Completing a scholarly project
  • Developing and presenting formal lectures
  • Submitting abstracts for presentation at conferences

Overall Goals:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of key bioethics topics
  • Proficiency or expertise in clinical ethics consultation
  • Experience in presenting and discussing core concepts in clinically-grounded bioethics at a post-graduate level
  • Acquisition of professional skills for academic achievement in the field of bioethics, including research, leadership opportunities, CV development, and career building


The annual salary is competitive and total compensation includes healthcare insurance and other benefits. The Cleveland Clinic supports conference participation and other professional development. Health insurance is provided through the Cleveland Clinic health system at no additional cost. Funds are not provided for relocation expenses.

Application Process

Additional information can be found here. Disclaimer: some of the photographs shown in documents were taken prior to the pandemic, so caregivers are not wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Today at Cleveland Clinic, all caregivers are required to wear face masks. Full PPE is also worn as necessary.

To apply, candidates must submit the following by November 1st:

  • A cover letter explaining your qualifications for this fellowship with a statement of your objectives.
  • A current curriculum vitae including education and/or activities pertaining to bioethics.
  • Three letters of recommendation, at least one commenting on your abilities as an adult learner (submitted directly).
  • One to three examples of scholarly written work.
  • Priority will be given to applicants with strong potential for leadership in the field and who will most benefit from the rich clinical environment this program offers.

Applications will not be considered until all materials are received. If you are accepted into the program, further documentation will be required including transcripts. Please send materials electronically (electronic applications are preferred) or in hard copy to:

Fellowship Coordinator
Center for Bioethics, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 9500 Euclid Ave., JJ-60, Cleveland, OH 44195 Email: BioethicsFellowships@ccf.org

Find full details here: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/departments/patient-experience/depts/bioethics/bioethics/fellowships