Call for abstracts: World Congress of Bioethics

Call for abstracts: World Congress of Bioethics

World Congress of Bioethics (WCB) or the Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (FAB).

Hybrid congress: Basel, Switzerland & online, 20-22 July 2022

Abstract submission deadline: 30 July 2021

The theme of the WCB is “Bioethics post Covid-19: Responsibility and transparency in a globalized and interconnected world”. Within this theme, you have the possibility to select from the many topics given below to submit your abstract. In case you are unclear which topic your abstract best fits, please find further information on the topics here. It is possible that we have missed a few important topics and sub-topics, in that case, please use the option 6 “Other” for your abstract.

Bioethics and Covid-19
1a: Public health during a pandemic
1b: Responsibility and solidarity in Covid times
1c: Scientific transparency
Increasing responsibility: Challenges for global bioethics
2a: Bioethics transcending borders
2b: Addressing access in an unequal world
2c: Health research in a globalised world
Making it explicit: The impact of new technologies
3a: Artificial intelligence and digitalisation of health care
3b: Reproductive technologies
3c: Advances in neuroscience
3d: Ethics of genetics
Whose responsibility? Individual and public obligations
4a: Marginalised and less-studied populations in bioethics
4b: Clinical ethics and the role of health care professionals
4c: Public health ethics
Beyond transparency: rethinking boundaries in bioethics
5a: Challenging conceptual limits
5b: Crossing disciplinary boundaries
5c: Boundaries of the human condition: Cyborgs, transplants and enhancement
5d: Theory and methodology
Other (please specify using less than 5 words)

Our 2022 Congresses will be a “Hybrid” meeting. Both FAB and WCB will take place in-person in Basel, Switzerland offering oral presentations and symposiums. As several participants may choose to join virtually, we will also offer a “virtual congress”. This includes live-online sessions during each day of the congresses. Also, all accepted contributions will be made available as full-presentation in a PDF format on our congress website, immediately after the congress.

For more information and to submit an abstract visit

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