Several postcards marketing the IAB the conference arranged in a fan on a table.

11th World Congress of Bioethics

Erasmus MC Rotterdam will host the 11th conference of the International Association of Bioethics (IAB),  “Thinking Ahead: Bioethics and the Future and the Future of Bioethics” from June 26–29, 2012, in Amsterdam. This conference will discuss key issues relevant for the future, including future technologies in health care, ethics and research in developing countries, synthetic biology, enhancement, life-prolonging strategies, environmental issues, the moral responsibility for future generations, food and ethics, and public health.

Thinking ahead, of course, also requires looking back: what have we learned in the past, which lessons have we not learned, what can contemporary bioethics can show us for tomorrow.

IAB conferences are an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of moral views, practices, and insights in methodologies—and where established and young bioethicists meet.

The IAB founding conference occurred in Amsterdam 20 years ago, and the IAB World Conference of Bioethics is pleased to return to the Netherlands.