Editorial Board

One mission of the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry is to foster interdisciplinary and international dialogue about pressing concerns related to both new and old bioethical issues. The Editors of the JBI specialize in a variety of areas and work with and within different populations. We encourage you to get to know all of our editors and engage with them in conversations that are fruitful to all.

Editor in Chief (Content)

Michael A. Ashby University of Tasmania, Australia

Editor in Chief (Production)

Bronwen Morrell University of Sydney, Australia

Consulting Editors

Leigh E. Rich Armstrong State University, USA
David Shaw Universität Basel, Switzerland

Managing Editor

Bronwen Morrell University of Sydney, Australia

Editorial Board Chair

Paul Komesaroff Monash University, Australia

Editorial Board Members

Grant Gillett University of Otago, NZ
Ian Kerridge University of Sydney, Australia
Neil Pickering University of Otago, NZ

Journal Ombudsman

Jon F. Merz University of Pennsylvania, USA

Copy Editors

Gordon Campbell Independent Contractor, Australia
Bronwen Morrell University of Sydney, Australia
Pia Charlotte Smith Independent Contractor, Australia